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Pietersite in Copper Pendant

Pietersite in Copper Pendant


Triangular Pietersite Pendant in woven copper


    Gorgeous midnight blue Pietersite gemstone cabochon set in a woven copper triangular-shaped bezel. Comes with an 18″ copper ball chain with a handmade clasp. This is a one of a kind piece.

    Pietersite is a somewhat rare aggregate of Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye with a silky luster, found only in China and South Africa. Some believe that it possesses a highly charged energy that enhances focus and personal will. Pietersite is said to provide the wearer with protection from the elements and to encourage calmness.

    Cleaning: Wash with soapy water, rinse well to remove residue, and dry with a soft cloth. Copper will age and darken with use and this piece has not been coated to stop this process. If you wish to brighten your copper jewelry, dip it in a small amount of Worcestershire Sauce, rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Do not use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or abrasive fabrics to clean handmade jewelry, and it should not be worn in a swimming pool or hot tub where it can be exposed to harsh chemicals.

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