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Jewelry Care

To protect your new polymer clay jewelry, do not wear it while applying perfume, hairspray, moisturizer, or deodorant. Do not wear it while swimming, sleeping, or showering. Do not wear your jewelry when working with household chemicals or cleaners.


To clean polymer clay jewelry, wipe it off with a piece of soft fabric. Mild soap and water can be used. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Don’t use solvents or jewelry cleaning machines.


When not wearing, store polymer clay jewelry in a box or a separate compartment away from direct sunlight.

Be careful not to drop or place your jewelry in your purse or pocket. The clay can be scratched or broken if handled too roughly. Avoid bending or use of excessive force. Hold the earring posts carefully when putting on or taking off.

Yellowing of Argentium silver jewelry is caused by skin oils.

This can be removed with mild soap and water and a soft brush. Rinse and dry with a soft towel.

Soaking in lemon juice and a dash of salt will help clean Argentium silver that has turned dark. Rinse with clear water and dry with a soft cloth. A silver polishing cloth also works well.

​Processing Time


Since each piece of jewelry is handmade by me, the time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies. I will make every attempt to ship your items within 72 hours of your order. I will let you know if your order requires more time.


Please remember that shipping around any holiday can be very unpredictable and Priority Upgrades are recommended to ensure faster delivery times. If you need a different shipping method that isn’t shown at checkout, please send me a message BEFORE you place your order.

Items will be shipped to the “ship to” address that is entered at checkout. Please ensure that this address is correct as I do not take responsibility for items shipped to the wrong address due to an error here. If you need the item sent to a different address or you notice that there is an error, it is your responsibility to contact me within 2 business days of the date of your order to ensure the items are shipped to the proper location.

Returns and Refunds

I accept returns or exchanges only for items that arrive damaged or defective. I cannot refund the original shipping charge.

Conditions of return

If you have received a package from me with a damaged or defective item, please email a photo to me at within five business days of receiving the item and I will gladly send you a replacement or refund. I may be able to repair the item depending on the type of damage, and I will provide a prepaid return shipping label if this is the case. If you request a replacement, it may look different than the original due to the nature of the materials and processes I use.

When you purchase earrings from Sea Wave Studio, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to handle and wear them with the utmost care and attention.
I recommend that you carefully read and follow the care instructions provided with your earrings or at left side of this page to prolong their lifespan and maintain their quality.

At Sea Wave Studio, I take great pride in crafting and delivering high-quality handmade earrings to my valued customers. I strive to ensure that my products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. However, earrings, being delicate accessories, are susceptible to damage when not handled with care. Therefore, I have implemented the following "No Return Policy for Handmade Earrings Damaged by Wearer" to clarify our stance on this matter:

No Returns for Wearer-Induced Damage

Sea Wave Studio will not accept returns or offer refunds for handmade earrings that have been damaged due to the wearer's actions or negligence, including but not limited to:

  • Dropping or mishandling the earrings.

  • Exposing the earrings to moisture, chemicals, or harsh environments.

  • Improper storage or inadequate protection.

  • Any other actions that result in damage not related to defects in materials or workmanship.

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